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Proud to be a part of Genshin Impact as JunJun, Zhouliang and Royce!

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You can hear me in Season 1 on Kengan Ashura, now on Netflix!

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Stuart Krug VO

Current Home Studio Setup

- Mic: Sennheiser MKH 416

- Preamp: SSL2 

- DAWs: Audacity, Reaper

- Double-Walled Vocal Booth to Go

Recent Works: 

Genshin Impact, Royce, 2021

- Jenny LeClue: Detectivu, CJ, 2020

The Animated History of Every Flash, Jay Garrick, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, 2020

Kengan Ashura, President Urita, 2019 (Netflix)

Black Desert Online, Additional Voices, 2019

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